Sunday, June 29, 2014

national camera day!

It's national camera day! I am going to be celebrating by spending this beautiful sunny Sunday at the beach with my hubby. I leave you with a quote and smile wishing you a wonderful day and week!
Courtesy of: SnapKnot

Monday, June 16, 2014

the solether family | jacksonville family photographer

This beautiful family actually won my services in a church auction, and I am SO pleased that they did! They are a military family that have been here about a year and a half, and they were so sweet and welcoming & their children were too much fun. The lovely little girl {5} is named Paige and I think that may be the first other Paige that I've ever met! The youngest {3} did whatever he wanted to do and made the best expressions, I love that his personality was captured perfectly in these photos. And the oldest {7} couldn't stop climbing those dunes and felt so accomplished once he made it to the top. The parents, Stacy & Jared, are such great parents and their love for each other and their children really shine through. It was such a pleasure photographing them all!

location | Naval Base | Mayport | Jacksonville, Fl

lily | 10 months old | jacksonville family photographer

Oh my goodness, can I just say that miss Lily is one of the most precious and gorgeous little girls ever? Just look at those eyes! Watch out Mom & Dad, this one is going to be a heartbreaker!

      This was a very relaxed and fun session that was kept secret from Dad so that the photos could be gifted to him for Father's Day. It's been rough keeping these images offline until now, but I can finally post them and I am so excited! I really hope I get to photograph this beauty again in the future, she is such a joy!

location | Johansen Park | Atlantic Beach, Fl