Wednesday, February 19, 2014

drake + jayce | jacksonville family photographer

These are the two cutest kids I've ever seen. Ok, I am bias, they are my little brothers! It's always fun to photograph them and freeze these moments in time, mainly because they are growing up so fast! These images are all black and white and also on the grainy side to give them a little bit of character. {session location: New Orleans, LA, 2/17/14}

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

anna | jacksonville portrait photographer

Today's blog is featuring my lovely friend Anna DiDonato. Determined to model for me, she braved the cold and misty weather without complaint, and looked stunning doing so. This session was all about simplicity and natural beauty, and she did pulled it off perfectly! Can't wait to do another session with her <3

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Friday, February 7, 2014

"free your mind!" | featuring Free Bird Avenue | Jacksonville

Today I am featuring Free Bird Avenue, a business co founded by one of my dear friends, Makietta McCoy. I met Makietta years ago, when we were both waitressing, and her vibrancy and spirit were so infectious that you couldn't help but to love her. She has grown into an amazing woman, mother, and friend, and now she is on her own journey with her new business. It is a wonderful idea, beautiful message, and worth checking out. So sit back, "free your mind", and allow the lovely Makietta to unveil her vision to the blogging world: 

"Two Aquarian woman are on a mission to live out their dreams of creating their own world of Godliness and liberalism. Myself, Makietta McCoy {founder} and Janee' Ali {co-founder} of Free Bird Avenue created it as a place where people can go to Gain and Grow: Gain knowledge and Grow at their own rate. It is their mission to help you walk blindly in faith, begin to free your mind from all worldly things so that you can truly begin get to know yourself, know what your purpose is in life, and begin live your dreams!

My team and I are enlightening and stimulating minds one human at a time to the endless possibilities and benefits of truly living freely on planet Earth by any means necessary. We believe it all starts with you beginning to finally free your mind from all trends, traditions, religions, customs, programming and pass-times, and get to know yourself first for who you really are. Nobody knows yourself better than God and you, so wouldn't it be wise to get to know them first before anyone else?

How can you as a human become YOU living your life through someone else’s eyes, vision, day to day experiences, dreams, religion or philosophies? Get to know yourself and what you like and hold true to yourself and move forward in faith is our philosophy, and in that philosophy your own philosophy will be created!

We advise everyone in this world to focus in on your dreams today, whatever it is that you really want out of life, not the American Dream, but your DREAM, and watch how your creator starts to clear your path. Watch him put you in the right place at the right time. Watch as he puts the right people around you. Watch as God surrounds you with his army of angels ready to guide, fight for, and protect you!

We believe that in order to have true freedom in your life you have to free your mind from what the world has served to you on a silver platter as truths. This is more than a movement, it's a mind-set.

Freedom in this life can be yours but you have to want it and then claim it...

We can often be chained to many things in this world, but the only person with the key to unlock those chains and break free is you. Free Bird Avenue will give you the tools you need to help you unlock those chains!

Hollywood and Disney Land are not the only two places where dreams come true, the dreams are inside of you waiting for you to set them free!

 We all are stars on earth, it isn’t your body that’s shining, it is your unseen soul. Now is the time to start moving that soul in the right direction.

We are an organization built on faith, and we are on a mission to help people "Free Their Minds!"

-Makietta of Free Bird Avenue"

Visit us on our website:
Instagram and Twitter: @freebirdavenue

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

this beautiful family | jacksonville family photographer

I am privileged and lucky enough to say I have captured some pretty special moments for the Toney family. When I first met Barb, I thought she had the sweetest, kindest voice I had ever heard. She is truly a lovely person. She came to me wanting a maternity session, already having two boys, they were excited to be expecting a girl they had named Mattison, and I couldn't wait to be a part of their excitement. The boys were great, very cooperative even though they were clearly waiting anxiously to finish and go run around the park and play. And Barb & her husband were always smiling and willing, even when she was asked to lie  down on the ground for one of the shots. Little did I know that this wouldn't be my last session with this family. I was honored enough to shoot Mattison's newborn session, her six month session, her 1 year session, her 2 year session AND I just scheduled her 3 year session! And that's not all, at Mattison's 2 year session, Barb revealed she was pregnant again! And I got to take their announcement photo right then and there, and Ta Da! It's another girl! They chose to name her Molly. I did Barb's maternity session a few months later, and Molly's newborn session. I will be shooting Molly's 6 month session + Mattison's 3 year session at one time later this month and I can't wait! Basically, I have watched this family grow before my eyes & from behind my lens, and I am so excited to see what the future holds for them! 

{Toney Family & Maternity Session}

{Newborn Session: Mattison}

{Six Month Session - Mattison}

{One Year Session-Mattison}

{Two Year Session-Mattison / Surprise! Baby on the way!}

{Toney Family & Maternity Session - Molly}

{Newborn Session - Molly}

Thank you Toney family for choosing me to capture your precious memories!